Arizona Campers on Mission is part of a national fellowship of evangelical Christian campers, Campers on Mission, who volunteer to share their faith and the love of Jesus while camping and /or participating in mission activities.  Membership is open to Christian campers of all evangelical denominations.  They work on local projects, around the state, and across the country. Individuals select mission opportunities as they feel led.  Owning an RV is optional but helpful in many of our projects.  If you are interested in joining with us or need more information, contact the current president, Darla Farella. 

                                                           Officers  2016-2018

Jim Felsinger, Ginni Potts         Darla Farella

Jim Felsinger, Ginni Potts
Darla Farella

Darla Farella, President, Jim Felsinger, Vice President, Ginni Potts, Secretary
Tom Keyes, treasurer, Dale Kronemeyer, Chaplain (not pictured)